Hairy Pony Fake It (pack of )

  • $ 12.95

Rubbed out or thin manes? Don't worry, just Fake It with Hairy Pony horse mane hair extensions!

Create a plait or enhance a thin mane with our pre-tied synthetic horse mane hair extensions that are soft, pliable & easy to work with. Hairy Pony Fake It comes in a large range of ready-to-go colours that blend in so well that no one will ever know you've faked it!

Once you've finished your competition simply undo plaits, gently remove your Hairy Pony Fake It & store ready for next time. Suitable to reuse over & over again! We recommend applying with our Hairy Pony Fastening Scissors for the best results. 

Hairy Pony Fake It horse mane hair extensions come in a pack of five that can be reused again and again. 

Colour Choice Tip: Chestnut is best suited to very bright orange-based manes. If you're looking for a darker chestnut we recommend using Mid Brown instead.